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The first step in the process is to come and register with us at our training facility. You will complete a portfolio of evidence or P.O.E with all the information required by law and must include a certified copy of your identity document. All the documents are considered legal material and can only be completed in black ink.

The process and learning material will be explained to you at length by one of the Assessors and any questions you may have will be answered to your satisfaction.

You will receive your Formative Assessment or open book test together with the study material to be completed at home in your own time. (within 30 days) All answers to the Formative Assessment are supplied in the Learner Guides.

Once the Formative Assessments have been completed, an appointment needs to be made to complete the Summative Assessment or closed book test at our training facility. This will be done under supervision of an Assessor who will be marking the assessments once completed.

Wherever possible, the practical shooting exercise will take place on the same day as the summative assessment and enough time must be allocated to allow for this. This will be between two and four hours depending on the various firearms being applied for.

After the practical shooting exercise, the targets will be marked and if successful, the proficiency certificate will be printed and issued on the same day. The entire process must be completed within a 90 day period from the date of registration.

The further steps for application for Competency will then be explained to you and if required, assistance with the documentation can be requested from the Assessor.

We can assist you with all the documentation required for your application if necessary and will be available to support you through the entire process.