TIME: +/- 1 Hour

Venue: Skietbaan

Total Ammo count: 30 Rounds

Firearms to be used as pictured below.

Remember that for Fun-Shoots you don’t need a competency: THAT MEANS ALL ARE WELCOME GROUPS, COUPLES, NEWBIES AND OLD PRO’S

All you need to bring is closed shoes and we will have some fun. Everything else will be supplied including:

  • Pre shoot safety briefing
  • Dedicated Range Officer
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Range fees
  • Eye and Ear protection

.22 Revolver x 5 Rounds

9mm CZ-75 x 5 Rounds

9mm PO-7 x 5 Rounds

38 sp rev x 5 Rounds

40 S & W x 5 Rounds

.357 mag x 5 Rounds