Valkyrie Firearm Training is an established institution in a joint venture with Skietbaan, to provide professional, accredited firearm training from beginner level to advanced refresher training.

Whether for self-defence, occasional hunting/sport shooting or dedicated status, we offer various levels of professional training accredited by the SAPFTC and SAPS.

We pride ourselves in catering to the needs of each client individually. From the nervous first time shooter to the experienced sport shooter, our professional instructors are bound by a strict code of conduct to ensure that all our clients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Our team offers an exciting, safe variety of options for each individual, ranging from adrenaline inducing fun shoots with a selection of different calibre firearms, to serious training from basic level proficiency and business purpose proficiency training for the various firearm types.

We proudly offer support to our valued clients throughout the various steps of the application process from registration, proficiency training, completion of required documentation and any further queries that may arise.

Our fun shoots guarantee our clients an experience to remember. The selection of firearms and calibres enable us to cater for most needs and offer a memorable shooting program that will be remembered by participants, all under the safe supervision of our range officers and instructors.